iPinator VPN LT

IPinator VPN LT is an extremely lightweight VPN software for Windows PCs. Lightweight meaning that all you need to do is install it and click on connect. That’s it, you are now browsing the web securely from an alternate IP location. This is extremely useful for anonymity and for security while in public Wi-Fi locations.

Locations available: Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands; Falkenstein, Sachsen, Germany; Frankfurt, Hesse, Germany; Las Vegas, Nevada, United States; Paris, lle-de-France, France; Rotterdam, South Holland, Netherlands; Roubaix, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France.
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17 votes Vote

Have it work in the UK and more of Europe

Useful only for a few people in the current locations.
Nigel, 12.05.2016, 09:16
8 votes Vote

Prevent WebRTC Leak

This VPN doesn't clearly states that whether it has passed the webRTC leak test or not. Please check this and mention it clearly on your site and application.
Sapphire, 12.05.2016, 12:10
5 votes Vote

Explain what LT Is

The only place that LT appears on the website is on the 'add items to cart' screen. Gives a list of all services offered by IPInator.. I can not find any other place that explains what the LT product is. How it is different from Standard for...
kevinds, 12.05.2016, 09:31
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0 votes Vote

have locations without a subscription to Premium,

all locations asks me for a subscription, this is not what was promised
erina, 12.05.2016, 18:01
0 votes Vote

free of charge in a year

for today giveawayoftheday gift
t y m, 12.05.2016, 16:13
0 votes Vote

have locations in Switzerland and new zealand

the user can select Switzerland and new Zealand to browse from and prevent dns leaks. the VPN could launch and connect when a certain program opens.
Jack Laurence Gold, 12.05.2016, 20:51